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Mission (Our Why):

You know how our world needs leaders to help fix what is broken and guide people into their full potential? And at the same time, you probably also know those type of leaders are really hard to come by.

Antioch Discipleship Schools invests in people to help them grow as these type of leaders for a better world and a better future. We do that by helping people encounter Jesus, plant with His people, practice His ways and build His Kingdom because we believe that Jesus is the greatest leader ever, and that the way of Jesus leads to the healing of our lives and our world.

Map (Our How):

We use a structured environment + hands-on experiences that help students make meaningful steps of growth and intentionality as Christ followers and as leaders, while developing relationships and practices that serve as a greenhouse for future growth.

The School of Transformation provides the initial foundation for the student's journey and focuses on the character of God with teachings and empowerment on God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, understanding and living out of our identity in Christ, understanding God’s vision and intent for the Church and the student’s intentional spiritual and ethical formation.

The School of Ministry builds upon that foundation and focuses on learning to build God’s kingdom through understanding your spiritual gifts, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, making disciples and sharing the Gospel.

The capstone experience for the schools is an international mission trip that will give students a focused environment to practice what they have learned during the course.

The School Greenhouse:

We view our school as a greenhouse for leaders where they learn to live as sons and daughters, defined by the love and inheritance they have been given in the Father through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This looks like an environment where these sons and daughters are encountering Jesus and have a growing and rich relationship with Him because He is the bread of life, the life that makes life worth living.

This looks like a community where these sons and daughters are planted with God's people. They are learning to value the church and are there developing diverse and rich friendships, life on life discipleship, growing in their gifts and loving, serving and investing in one another.

This looks like a family where these sons and daughters lives are being transformed and growing into oaks of righteousness as they practice the way of Jesus. They are intentional about their formation and have an ethical vision shaped by the Sermon on the Mount.

This looks like a team with an apostolic calling where these sons and daughters then leverage their lives to build the church and through her to build God's Kingdom, to see the lost found, the unreached reached, Matthew 25 in action and earth look like heaven on campuses, in neighborhoods and across nations.

If this vision resonates with you, the school might be a great fit for you. It is built around three parts:

Part 1: School of Transformation

Part 2: School of Ministry

Part 3: International Mission Trip

If you are interested, you can read more about part 1 here.